Future Digital Twin USA 2023

Future Digital Twin USA 2023

Full recordings from the Future Digital Twin USA 2023 conference, September 2023

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Future Digital Twin USA 2023
  • FDTUSA2023 - Opening Remarks and Panel # 1

    Digital Twin as a Central System of Engagement – Ensuring Segmentation and Contextualisation of data and understanding the Value Created

    - Understanding historical time series data – Understanding these three pillars for Reliable Effective management
    - Establishing a scalable and Sustainable Eco...

  • FDTUSA2023 interview wtih Shane McArdle, CEO, Kongsberg Digital

    “In Conversation”- with Shane McArdle, CEO, Kongsberg Digital

  • FDTUSA2023 In Conversation with Monali Dash, Productivity COE Lead, ET&P, Shell

  • FDTUSA2023 Panel Discussion # 2

    • Connected Digital Twin Management – Understanding Digital Platforms and enabling interoperability of data.
    • Exploring Reality First Model versus Data Model – Aligning and assessing cost to implement and organisational capability.
    • Fostering Real Time Data interoperability – How to facilitate ...

  • FDTUSA2023 In Conversation with Jim Schneider, Chevron

  • FDTUSA2023 Panel Discussion # 3

    • Natural Language Models and AI – Open-Source Innovation and the Integration of Enabling Technologies
    • An insight into AI enabled Digital Twins – How regulations are critical to ensure interoperability of varied solutions.
    • Measuring the impact of ChatGPT– Understanding the benefits of Explain...

  • FDTUSA2023 Presentation: Vitor Lopes Pereira, Ansys

    Introducing Hybrid Digital Twins - a Future Digital Twin USA 2023 presentation by Vitor Lopes Pereira, Senior Product Sales Manager, Digital Twin, Americas, Ansys

  • FDTUSA2023 Fireside Chat with Raj Rapaka, ExxonMobil

    Fireside Chat with Raj Rapaka, Digital Transformation, Technology Scouting & Ventures Advisor, ExxonMobil at Future Digital Twin USA 2023

  • FDTUSA2023 Panel Discussion # 4

    Fostering a Common Data and Maturity Model - How Digital Twins can create a visual way of working and efficient documentation workflows.
    • Establishing and open data infrastructure – Encouraging Innovation by relinquishing control.
    • The role of an Open Digital Twin in operational reliability and...

  • FDTUSA2023 Presentation: Dr. PG Madhavan, Enterprise Inc

    Current IoT platform enables observation of raw data on a dashboard that leaves a lot of questions unanswered. Today’s digital twins are based on thresholding or banding of sensor amplitudes (or some point-measurements on their FFTs) which are replete with False Positives.
    A call to our secure ...

  • FDTUSA2023 Panel Discussion # 5

    • Measuring the Impact of Knowledge Graphs – Effectively Modelling Digital Twin Data
    • Creating a knowledge structure through documentation – A focus on reliability and safety
    • AI powered knowledge graphs – How AI models can be used to access data sources and add value.
    • Semantic Knowledge grap...