Future Digital Twin Middle East

Future Digital Twin Middle East

The full recordings from the senior-level online conference (23 May 2023) that examined a wide range of topics, including building effective data foundations for remote operations, the development of the digital twin and the enterprise metaverse, enabling technologies, leveraging digital twins to drive autonomous operations, and examining project digital twins versus operational digital twins

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Future Digital Twin Middle East
  • FDTME2023 - Opening Speeches

    Welcoming Speech – Adam Soroka, CEO, Cavendish Group followed by opening keynote with Eid Harbi, Corporate Digital Factory Director, Saudi Aramco

  • FDTME2023 Panel Discussion # 1

    Panel 1: Building Effective Data Foundations for Remote Operations – Effectively Optimising Work Procedures and Accelerating Real Time Decision Making
    • Integrating Object Orientated Management – How a digital twin facilitates remote production, performance and efficiency
    • Achieving Digital Oper...

  • FDTME2023 Presentation: Wassim Ghadban, Kent plc

    Harnessing Digital Twins for Enhanced Remote Operations and Pioneering the Industrial Metaverse Journey

    Digital twins and remote operations play a pivotal role in driving the autonomous roadmap for the energy sector, with remote operations acting as a crucial milestone. Centralizing these opera...

  • FDTME2023 Panel Discussion # 2

    Exploring The Development of the Digital Twin and The Enterprise Metaverse – Understanding the Role and Impact of Enabling Technologies
    • Adopting new and innovative methods within physical infrastructure operations – An insight into mixed reality
    • Implementing VR, AR and IIoT– How do we transfo...

  • FDTME2023 Interview with Shane McArdle, CEO, Kongsberg Digital

    FDTME2023 Interview with Shane McArdle, CEO, Kongsberg Digital

  • FDTME2023 Panel Discussion # 3

    Developing the “Twin of Twins” – The Fast Track to Key Performance Management with Hybrid and Cognitive Twins
    • How Deploying Hybrid Technologies Support Plant Maintenance – Converting data into actionable insights
    • Assessing proof of Scale and Economics – Determining the appropriate time for H...

  • FDTME2023 Panel Discussion # 4

    Enabling Technologies and the Digital Twin – Integrating AI, IoT, Machine Learning and Blockchain into Established Solutions
    • The Case for AI and Improved Efficiency – Adopting a Hybrid Modelling Approach
    • Augmentation of Humans – Understanding the current limits of AI integration and alignin...

  • FDTME2023 - Excellence Awards for the Oil & Gas Industry

    The purpose of the 2023 Digital Twin Excellence Awards for the Oil & Gas Industry in Middle East is to recognize and celebrate innovative projects that have made significant strides in implementing digital twin technology. These projects have demonstrated measurable improvements in projects execu...

  • FDTME2023 Panel Discussion # 5

    Leveraging Digital Twins to Drive Autonomous Operations – Creating Streamlined Operations and Improved Agility
    • How can a Digital Twin be an enabler for and Autonomous Eco System – An insight into business process workflows
    • Nurturing a Collaborative Environment – How to adopt a user friendly e...

  • FDTME2023 Panel Discussion # 6

    Project Digital Twin versus Operational Digital Twin – A focus on Machine Connectivity and Engineering Simulation
    • Understanding the integration of New Business Models – Evolution with Scalability
    • Collaboration versus Production Efficiencies – Improving productivity whilst accelerating change ...

  • FDTME2023 - closing remarks

    Closing remarks at Future DIgital Twin Middle East with Adam Soroka, CEO of Cavendish Group and Wassim Ghadban, VP, Global Innovation and Digital Engineering, Kent