Future Digital Twin 2023

Future Digital Twin 2023

The full recordings from the senior-level online conference (28 March 2023) that examined a wide range of topics, including how to create a Digital Twin identity, implement a collaborative and productive working culture, and extract value, stimulating debate on innovation, interoperability, democratising AI, ESG, blockchain and delivering net zero.

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Future Digital Twin 2023
  • FDT2023 Panel Discussion # 1

    Panel 1: The Template for a Robust and Sustainable POC – How to Build Effective Data Foundations and successfully Align Business Objectives
    • The Connected Digital Twin – Successfully creating modularity in technology
    • Developing Practical and High Value use cases and frameworks – How to start s...

  • FDT2023 In Conversation with Shane McArdle, CEO, Kongsberg Digital

  • FDT2023 Panel Discussion # 2

    Panel 2: Exploring The Role of Digital Twin and Asset Performance Management – Delivering High Fidelity and Real Time Data of Operational Assets
    • How can a Digital Twin be an enabler for Innovation – Adopting new and innovative methods within physical infrastructure operations
    • Implementing an ...

  • FDT2023 AVEVA Presentation - From Engineering to Operations

    “From Engineering to Operations” – The Business Case for a Full Lifecycle Digital Twin” with Russell Herbert, Industry Principal, Oil, Gas & Energy, AVEVA

  • FDT2023 Panel Discussion # 3

    Panel 3: Behavioural Change and Harmonising Data – Understanding the Challenges of Digital Twin Integration • How to become “Outcome Focussed” – How a Digital Twin can help data adjust from an end to end work flow perspective
    • Overcoming Data Siloes and Isolated Business Processes – Understandin...

  • PRESENTATION: The Digital Thread for Engineering Documents

    Using PDF and Word documents in the building of industrial facilities costs organizations millions in time, quality, and errors, so innovative companies are shifting documents into interoperable, reusable, data-centric digital models. This presentation will address some of the challenges of using...

  • FDT2023 Panel Discussion # 4

    Panel 4: Democratising AI - How Digital Twins can Help facilitate Responsible Artificial Intelligence • Adopting a user-centred approach – How to integrate employees in the design and development process • How to organically strengthen the data foundation – Data hygiene, data analytics and data G...

  • FDT2023 In Conversation with Monali Dash, Productivity COE Lead, ET & P, Shell

  • FDT2023 Presentation - Digital Twin 2.0

    Future Digital Twin 2023 presnetation "Digital Twin 2.0 – “The Next Generation of Asset Management in a Digital Twin” with Floyd Baker, VP Americas, Antea

  • FDT2023 Digital Twin Tech Talks

    Statistically too many models fail at the proof of scale stage, why does this happen, is it complacency, a lack of client understanding or an overestimation of user adoption?
    With Shane McArdle, CEO, Kongsberg Digital; Martin R. Gonzalez, PhD, Connected Worker Team Leader, Digital Twin Product O...

  • FDT2023 Panel Discussion # 5

    Panel 5: Leveraging Digital Twins to Drive Energy Efficiency – Identifying new Collaborations and Consortiums Supporting Energy Transition
    • Understanding the integration of Hybrid Twins in an Energy Hub Context – Focussing on a traditional mix of CCUS, Hydrogen, Electrification and Wind
    • Creati...

  • FDT2023 Panel Discussion # 6

    Panel 6: Blockchain Based Traceability – Digital Twin, Smart Contracts and ESG
    • Understanding ESG Disclosures – Using Blockchain to align Sustainability Targets
    • “The Scope 1, 2 and 3 Emission Jungle” – Creating an effective distributed emissions ledger
    • How to Integrate Blockchain with a Digi...

  • FDT2023 - Close of Conference